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DB GARDEN was born out of a hobby and a passion for the beauty of the nature around us. Like all hobbyists, we also care about accuracy and attention to detail in the gardens we design and establish.


We offer our clients a comprehensive service, from measuring and planning the outdoor space to its arrangement, the implementation of lighting and irrigation systems, as well as elements of small architecture, created on the basis of Innosign’s own designs. Among them, we offer driveways, furniture, gazebos, woodsheds, playgrounds, sheds, tool sheds and other structures that affect not only the functionality, but also the aesthetics of the entire outdoor space. We use only the highest quality materials for their manufacture, which impress with their high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage.


The setting up and maintenance of gardens, which we carry out with great commitment, is not just about designing the outdoor space itself. Zajmujemy się także instruktażem pielęgnacji poszczególnych roślin oraz ich zasadzaniem. Zieleń, którą kupujemy do działek pochodzą wyłącznie od sprawdzonych producentów. We also provide care instructions for individual plants and planting.


In addition to establishing green spaces, we also provide a service such as garden maintenance. With the needs of each of our customers in mind, we have created packages that guarantee both the preparation of plants for the autumn/winter period and the refreshing of the plot before spring or regular visits to ensure our support at all times of the year.

We like freshness, an open mind

We like freshness, an open mind

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