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Collecting the old turf
Collecting and removing old turf or moss that grows over it. It is an obligatory position before leveling a plot, trenching the ground for laying a slab surface or renovating the lawn.
Cleaning the soil of weeds, stones, glass, root debris
This often laborious process is necessary before loosening the soil with a rotary tiller, but among the small boulders, bones, remains of construction companies, there is always an opportunity to find hidden treasure!
Work with a tiller
Loosening the soil is necessary for its loosening with sand and lighter soil when it is poorly permeable to water. We also do it in places where, for natural or construction-related reasons, the soil is so compact that the plants cannot develop a properly functioning root system. We do the work with our separating tiller coupled with the Avant excavator, thanks to which the soil in your garden will be loosened in a moment and you will not be doomed to walking for weeks in the mud.
Leveling the terrain with a leveling grate
Grading with our grader coupled to our green Avant will take less time and, thanks to the built-in gyroscope, will give you a better result than any other way. Leveling the terrain is necessary before laying a driveway, path or setting up the entire garden.
Fertilizing and spreading the soil
Even the best mineral fertilizers will not be available to plants if the soil on which they grow does not have a layer of humus, i.e. the soil layers are largely composed of organic substances. In poor or intensively used soils, it may be necessary to mix the topsoil with granulated manure or compost.
Sowing grass or laying a lawn from a roll
To sow or lay a lawn, the soil must be leveled, fertilized and loosened. Establishing a sowing lawn is more economical than a rolled lawn, but it requires the entire lawn to be covered with nonwoven agrotextile. This prevents the seeds from dispersing in strong winds or being eaten by the birds. During this time, we cannot use this part of the garden and we must remember to water the lawn as it is not always possible to use the irrigation system. A rolled lawn is devoid of these drawbacks, and on properly prepared terrain, it takes several hours to unfold it.

Site preparation

When setting up a lawn from a roll or a lawn from sowing, the soil should be rolled. We make it before and immediately after laying the grass or sowing seeds. We roll the already growing lawn after winter around March. It allows you to repair the damage that can be caused by water freezing in the soil, by pressing the grass roots to the soil and breaking its stalks, it improves the rooting process.
Lawn aeration and scarification
Every lawn needs to be scarified from time to time and the ground beneath it needs to be aerated. If we forget about these 2 activities for more than 2 seasons, our lawn will have less "growing patties" and weeds, which will be difficult to weed out later. Our scarifier will evenly cut and aerate the soil at a depth of 40 cm, removing dead plant parts, dried grass and moss. This effect is impossible to achieve with a manual scarifier that works down to a depth of approx. 5 cm.
Services of carrying heavy and bulky items (such as retaining walls or large-size slabs)

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