The construction of the garden is preceded by its design. Landscape architects Piotr i Angelika deal with it. They will make sure that the garden is ecological, original, but also timeless and you never get bored. When the project is ready – we create a cost estimate. After accepting it, we start building a place that will become your favorite place at home.

What’s included in the project?


– two introductory concepts that show 2 different visions of your garden
– design with dimensioning
– plant cover design
– surface design and selection of lighting fixtures
– planting design
– a list of plants with the quantity written out (necessary for shopping)
– instructions for planting and caring for plants
– a shopping list necessary to complete the garden
– 3D visualization

*garden furniture design (e.g. flower pots, pergolas, roofing, woodshed, etc.)
*design of retaining walls, stairs or foundations for the swimming pool
*lighting design
*irrigation project
*cost estimate

Contact with us

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