We will prepare a concept for your terrace

The arrangement of the terrace is preceded by its design. This is carried out by the landscape architects from the Innosign studio. They will ensure that the terrace space is utilised 100%, tailored to your needs, ergonomic, timeless and at the same time original. Once we have the design ready – we create a cost estimate and we can start building the place that will become your favourite place at home.

What does the project include?


– detailed 3D concept
– technical design with dimensioning
– design of plant cover selection
– design of paving, lighting arrangement and selection of light fixtures
– list of plants with listed quantity (necessary for shopping)
– instructions for planting and care of plants
– list of purchases, materials and accessories necessary for implementation


Additional elements:
* design of small architecture (e.g. pots, pergolas, canopies, playgrounds, etc.).
* design of retaining walls, stairs or foundations for a swimming pool
* design of automatic irrigation system
* cost estimate for the complex implementation of the project (purchases, labor).

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